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We break through the status quo in Canadian politics, so voters are empowered, informed, and in control — and our democracy reflects the will of the people.


We need your support to break through the status quo in Canadian politics


Supermajority incubates organizations and strategies that:

Fight Political Polarization

Growing division and a lack of trust in government institutions have changed everything. Finding common ground is the key to overcoming these challenges and reinvigorating political engagement.

Engage Swing Voters in Swing Ridings

In a country of 38 million Canadians, a few thousand voters in suburban swing ridings decide who leads the country. We can create systemic change with limited resources by engaging swing voters in swing ridings. Because so few organizations focus on these powerful voters, we can have an outsized impact.

Create New Media and Content Strategies

Democracies thrive when the public is informed. Local news is dying, and opportunistic alt-right media groups have filled the gap. There is a desperate need for relevant civic information accessible to everyday Canadians.


We educate, organize, and unite Canadian voters.

Shaping Democracy to reflect the will of the people.

Future Majority is Canada's swing riding youth get-out-the-vote machine.

We're hiring! Come work with our growing team of innovators.

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