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A number that is much more than half of a total, especially in a vote.

Democracy needs our participation, innovation, and vision to progress. We make it possible to tackle problems that impact the supermajority of Canadians.

A supermajority of Canadians believe in a Canada where we take care of one another and our planet. But, our democracy often doesn’t reflect the will of its citizens. Our purpose is to break through the political status quo so voters are empowered, informed, and in control — and our democracy reflects the will of the people.

Democracies around the world are in trouble. Everywhere you look, we see growing division, polarization, and hostility. Canadians want our political parties and leaders to come together - and we’ve got a way to get our democracy back on track.


We’re incubating an ecosystem of voter engagement organizations to educate, engage and ultimately turn out 150,000 voters across the 30 most competitive ridings in the country.

Canada’s past five federal elections have been decided by an average of fewer than 30 ridings and 50,000 votes, mainly through suburban Ontario and British Columbia. While these ridings are highly competitive, over the same period, rural ridings have been decided by more than 15,000 votes and urban ridings by an average of 10,000 votes in each.


Civic engagement and environmental organizations have largely ignored voters in the swing ridings and have focused mainly on urban Canadians. Alt-right organizations focus their resources on these swing voters, driving their polarizing agendas.

We can unlock systemic change that others have failed to tackle through engagement that unifies swing voters in swing ridings towards progress.


The Canadian media landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Local news outlets are a rarity, and social media has given rise to alt-right content that drives misinformation. It can be hard to cut through the noise.


We create content that helps inform everyday Canadians on the issues that matter most to them in an engaging and accessible way.

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