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We are organizers, product designers, and researchers working together to foster consensus and win more political battles on behalf of the supermajority of voters.




Our work is driven by data and strategy. We incubate programs that have scalable business models to educate, organize, and unite Canadian voters. 


Our Principles

Start With What Works

The United States spends billions of dollars educating, persuading, and turning out voters each election. We draw inspiration from high-impact civic engagement programs that can work in a Canadian context.

User-Centered Design

Our process begins with understanding what matters most to a given voter audience and testing messages and models that move them to action. We’re looking for strategies to engage voters by solving a user problem.


We have limited resources, and elections are rare opportunities for change. We invest in programs with proven models to engage voters, driving down operating costs for our entire portfolio through economies of scale.

Our Projects

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Future Majority

We have more projects in development today. Join our team to help build our vision.

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